Revital’s Weight Loss program

My Story



If you are reading this, you have probably struggled with your weight, as have I!   It began in early childhood and became the struggle of my lifetime.  During the stressful periods of my life food became one of my few comforts and my weight increased with each passing year.   Going through the challenges of medical school, internship and finally residency pushed me over the edge to what doctors call “morbid obesity.”  Having a body that did not fit into our society takes a tremendous toll on a person’s self-esteem, mood and social standing.  Being obese teaches you about prejudice, from the encounters with you colleagues at work, your judgmental family members, and when you go in public it’s all that much worse.  I went on every diet, I worked out, it seemed like no matter what the weight always came back. 

 Then I had a health scare.  I became severely diabetic on hundreds of units of insulin with my first pregnancy.  I was scared,  I had seen my grandmother lose her memory, her toes and eventually her life to diabetes.  I was not going to live this way.  This was my turning point,  it became my mission to learn about reversing obesity and it’s associated diseases: diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea……  the list goes on and on.  In this process I obtained board certification in Obesity Medicine.  As a diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine I developed expertise in treating individuals that struggle with their weight.  The specialized knowledge of the hormonal/biochemical/anatomical pathophysiology of weight gain and weight loss allows me to help patients safely lose weight, reverse metabolic diseases and in the process optimize their overall health. 

 My lifetime struggle with obesity has transformed into my passion in medicine!   I love guiding my patients through their own weight loss journey.  My team at Revital call it “medically guided weight loss” and we are all travelers here. Come join us on this journey!