This is your scalpel free/ no downtime facelift that is the latest technique in the field of anti-aging. This procedure restores beautiful shape using Hylaronic Acid fillers combined with PRP harvested from your own blood to regenerate new younger tissue in your face. This minimally invasive facelift restores the natural look of youth by placing these two components into areas that enliven facial beauty.

How It’s Done

First, the HA filler is placed into specific areas of the face known to accentuate natural beauty and restore the shape of youth in the face. Second, your blood is drawn and the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is isolated and placed into the face. PRP is a specific part of our blood that regenerates tissue. PRP placed into the face works naturally to cause collagen production, new blood flow, rejuvenate the skin and give you that youthful appearance.

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