Hair Regrowth with PRP


Get new growth of your own hair using your blood. No need for surgical procedures. Dr. Labbad places PRP into the your scalp to regrow hair naturally.

Hair regrowth with PRP is the latest discovery in Regenerative Medicine. The Platelet Rich Plasma harvested from your blood has been shown to stimulate new hair growth when placed into the scalp.    The cells and growth factors from PRP have been used in medicine for decades to help people.  Most recently, PRP has been found to stimulate hair follicles to begin new hair growth. This treatment is done over a series of 3-4 treatments and may require repeating treatments to maintain your results depending on reason for the hair loss. Results vary and the best candidates are those with some residual hair near the areas of hair loss.  

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How it’s done

After numbing your scalp, Dr. Labbad will draw your blood and isolate the PRP.  She then places your PRP into your scalp in the areas of hair loss.  This treatment is generally repeated every 4 weeks with a minimum of 3-4 treatments depending on the amount of hair lost. 

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