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The O-Shot

This treatment has revolutionized sex for women.

Using parts of your own blood (PRP) Dr. Labbad is able to rejuvenate the female orgasm complex, restoring the ability to climax, relieving vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence and pain with intercourse.

Dr. Labbad trained in OB/GYN residency and Family Medicine, she has over a decade of experience in women’s health and in delivering babies. She has seen hundreds of her patients suffer with painful dry intercourse, loss of intimacy with their loved one, difficulty with climaxing and loss of urine after delivering babies. And until recently there wasn’t much of a solution to help women with all of these all too common problems.

The O-shot has changed the lives of our patients. It is so rewarding to be able to give women back their intimacy, their pleasure, and their relationships!!!

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The O-Shot has given me my marriage and sex life back! I had painful dry intercourse for years until Dr. Labbad treated me. I am so grateful for the ability to have intimacy again after cancer treatment took it away”
Paula M. —-patient of Revital