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Usually, the answer to problems with performance, or to erectile dysfunction, involve expensive medications that come with unpleasant side effects. What if there was an alternative that used natural healing factors extracted from your own blood?

The Priapus-Shot® (P-Shot®) is a revolutionary procedure that can be life-changing.

  • Using your platelet rich plasma to rejuvenate the penis

  • Increased Sexual Drive

  • Enhanced ability to develop an erection without medications, surgery/ implants

  • Cut your ED medication dose in half.

  • Long term, ED medication may not be required.

  • Pain-free, and little-to-no discomfort after.

  • Enhance performance, size, and stamina.

  • And it can be repeated for added benefit.

Sound too good to be true?

The P-Shot® is safe, real, and available now at Revital Health. Book your consultation today.

The procedure was quick and absolutely painless, with no discomfort after. I noticed a difference within twenty four hours, and a week later everything continues to improve. I cannot recommend the P-Shot® enough.
— John H, Revital Health Patient