iv infusions

IV Infusions


IV therapy is quickly creating a lot of enthusiasm across the country. When compared to traditional treatments, IV therapy allows necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to be quickly absorbed directly in to your cells. After a single treatment you will leave feeling refreshed, hydrated, and completely recharged.



Potential Benefits/Advantages to IV Infusions:

With one treatment, IV therapy can begin to reverse many conditions that interfere with your energy levels, weight, sleep, immune system and have been shown to increase mood, reduce stress, and diminish signs of aging. Within a couple minutes IV treatment begins to deliver nutrients directly to the cells in your body through the circulatory system. When these same nutrients are taken orally they need to be processed through the digestive system and liver; not only can this lead to gastrointestinal issues (cramps, stomach ache, diarrhea, etc.) but much of the nutrient is expelled from the body without being delivered to the cells that need it. Because IV therapy delivers nutrients directly to the cells it is the quickest and most effective method available.


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